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>> three months ago. [ laughter ] >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: the war in afghanistan. startling documents. classified, yet posted on the internet with more to come. tonight, the wiki leaks papers. and what they mean for the longest war in american history. i'm shepard smith. this is fox news. >> shepard: the whistleblower claims the documents could contain evidence of war crimes. >> the coverup of those sorts of crimes begins at the bottom and -- >> shepard: but the white house insists the real crime here is the leak itself. >> it poses a very real and potential threat to those that are working hard every day to keep us safe. [gunfire] >> shepard: tonight, the risks and revelations in a massive
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document dump. plus a memo from the obama administration before the release of the lockerbie bomber. what the u.s. asked scotland to do with the man who killed almost 200 americans. and they were planning their daughter's funeral when suddenly -- >> -- we made a mistake. abby is alive. >> we're still in shock. >> shepard: tonight, one family's miracle leaves another in mourning. first this monday night 92,000 documents on the war in afghanistan. the bottom line? we're not winning. the taliban are stronger than they have been since 2001. and pakistan? evidence that pakistan's intelligence agency is helping the enemy. the u.s. government gives pakistan more than $1 billion a year to help fight the taliban. and, instead, documentation of the pakistani government actually working with the
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militants who were trying to kill u.s. forces in afghanistan. the classified documents posted on the web site wiki leaks. its founder a few weeks ago gave them to newspapers including the "new york times" so that they could analyze the files before they were posted. the "new york times" reports the documents reveal among other things pakistan let members of the spy service meet directly with the taliban to organize militant groups to fight american soldiers in afghanistan. and hatch plots to assassinate afghan leaders. just last week, secretary of state hillary clinton was in pakistan, announcing yet another $500 million in u.s. aid. she also called on the government to do more to fight what it calls our common enemies. but the "times" report the documents show pakistan is a big reason that the taliban are actually more powerful now than at any time since 2001. the wiki leaks founder is very much against the war and says
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its mission to help stop it he is also making explosive accusation against u.s. forces in afghanistan. saying investigators should look into thousands of u.s. attacks as possible war crimes. he claims the documents contained evidence of coverups of civilian casualties. >> up to a court to decide clearly whether something is in the end a crime. that's that said, prima prima facially. it does appear to be war crimes in this material. >> shepard: from the pentagon, there is nothing new here. the story is about the leak, a criminal leak, not the information. officials say they are still reviewing but so far they have found no evidence of americans committing any war crimes. mike emanuel at the pentagon on a very busy evening. mike, this isn't the first time we have heard about pakistan spy agency helping the taliban. this is an ongoing problem. >> that's correct, shep. even today we heard from u.s. officials saying that the
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pakistanis including intelligence service must do better. the former head of the cia's bin laden unit says perhaps the united states has been expecting too much from the pakistanis. >> for us to expect them to do all of our dirty work, and not to look out for their own interests has been a mistake. i don't think it should surprise any american that the pakistanis want us out of afghanistan. >> another item of interest is whether the taliban may be better armed than we have ever known, suggesting that they may have heat-seeking missiles related to the takedown of a 2007 helicopter incident in afghanistan. i talked with the high ranking source here a few minutes ago who said if they had the technology, they probably would have used it more often so they are not as firm on that aspect of the leak. shep? >> shepard: you would think they would have. that certainly reminds a lot of folks of another war over there that brought down the soviet union's efforts. we will keep an eye on that. it would appear it was isolated
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or nonexistent. there is new information tonight, mike, about the person who may have actually leaked these documents. >> we know soldier private first class bradley man something being held, accused of leaking classified video to wiki leaks on apache helicopter incident from 2007. in iraq i talked to a pentagon spokesman this evening who says he is a person of interest. i have also talked to another source who says that that is the person you gold to first because of his history to leaking to wiki leaks. certainly not the only person the military will look at in their investigation but he would be the first guy you would look at as you try to track down the source of this leak, shep. >> shepard: the pentagon acting as if a police officer at a traffic accident keep moving along, there is nothing to see here. >> yeah. they are saying there is not a whole lot of information, trying to minimize the damage, clearly. but they are also wondering about sources and methods and that type of thing that could put u.s. forces at risk in afghanistan. here's pentagon spokesman geoff morrell. >> first priority is to figure out whether there is anything in
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here as i mentioned that could endanger our forces. but obviously we want to figure out who did this and make sure there is not any more coming and there aren't others who are leaking this. >> bottom line, if you don't stop the leaker, there could be many, many more leak, shep. >> shepard: reports are now that there are many more documents. some that have been held out for further vetting. we may see them soon. mike emanuel at the pentagon. thanks. there is the story of the combat outpost keating. did you read this? the "new york times" calls it a microcosm of this war. it is an excellent read. how the decisions at headquarters were made here in the united states and how they can have tragic consequences to our brave young men and women on the ground. the base built in 2006, in the mountains, near the border. right there with pakistan. and you'll be able to see here, it is surrounded by high ground. making it so tough to defend. us on the low ground, the enemy in the high ground, in their territory. enemy fighters control the area around that base, which was really there to protect a road.
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the locals lived in fear. the afghan forces were no help. finally in 2009, the u.s. military decided to close that outpost. but, before that could happen, the insurgents attacked in an enormous way. the closest u.s. helicopters were 40 minutes away. by the time the reinforce. s finally arrived, eight americans were dead. almost two dozen wounded. and the transcripts of the calls on the two-way radio, the enemy inside the wire. they were inside our come found. the -- compound. the u.s. later abandoned that base. a few days later. leaving behind boxes of ammunition that ended up in the hands of enemy fighters. so who is the guy behind wiki leaks? and where does he get his information? fox news investigates in our top story coming up at the bottom of the hour. first though, big governments on -- developments on day 98 of the gulf oil spill and the man who promised to make it right is reportedly making his exit instead. numerous reports indicate tonight that bp's chief
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executive tony hayward will at long last step down in october, taking a job with the bp related business in russia. over the past three months, tony hayward has become a bit of the face of disaster. he came under intense scrutiny for his attitude toward the spill and the people of the gulf region, as millions of barrels of oil gushed into our gulf. about a month after the disaster started he told a british newspaper: >> shepard: and then came his infamous apology to the folks now in the gulf. >> sorry for the massive disruption it's caused their lives. and, you know, there is no one who's this thing over more than i do. you know, i would like my life back. >> shepard: the critics suggested then and now those remarks were insensitive at best. given the 11 workers who died when that oil rig exploded and the countless number of people along the gulf region whose lives will be impacted for months or many years to come. well, shortly after tony hayward
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handed off control of the daily management of the disaster and set sail in a boat race around the english island, around an english island. now it appears tony hayward really will get his life back. gerri willis of fox business network joins us from our newsroom in new york city. tell us about the leadership changes a man from mississippi taking over, huh? >> that's right. robert dudley. he is an american, born in new york. grew up in had -- mississippi. got a lot of familiarity with the area. also a tough guy, shep. he survived secret service raids in russia working for bp when the secret service was trying to toss him out. so he is a tough guy, indeed. he is going to have a lot of work ahead of him though because so many of the projects that bp has for the next few years on the line in the gulf, some 25 of 40 future projects are in the gulf. he is going to have a lot of work ahead of him. shep? >> shepard: the timing is probably pretty easily predicted it comes a day before bp's
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earnings report. what could be expected there? >> it could be all right if you take out the effect of the gulf. the cost of the bp could be anywhere from 17 billion to 900 billion. consensus is about 33 billion. they will be paying for this for a long, long time. big question, will l. they be able to do more projects in the golf gulf as they go forward. new fellow will have to negotiate all of that. shep? >> shepard: gerri willis from the fox business network. working on a permanent fix to stop the flow of oil into the gulf. take a look at new video of crews over the site of that busted well. they evacuated late last week as tropical storm bonnie approached. but that was kind of a bust. you can see there they are back on the job tonight. jonathan serrie in louisiana. jonathan, what's the thought on when these guys might be able to plug that leak once and for all? >> still a pretty wide window. sometime in mid august they hope to permanently kill the well by filling it with heavy drilling mud and cement.
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of course, that procedure is contingent on the weather. after all, forecasters are saying that we're in for a busier than usual hurricane season. you saw the delays tropical storm bonnie caused. federal officials say keeping response vessels out in rough seas would risk damage and even further delays. bonnie's moderate storm surge was still strong enough to displace 95 miles of boom. 32 miles of them wound up stranded in marshes. officials say the boom works fine in calm waters. they want to remove the material in advance of future storms so it doesn't create even more damage to the environment. shep? >> shepard: jonathan serrie port sulphur, louisiana, thanks. just days before the release of the man who blew an airplane out of the sky, the obama administration sent a memo to scotland. a convicted terrorist, the lockerbie bomber had killed more than 280 people. and u.s. officials said they wanted to prevent a hero's welcome. exactly like what he got. so what happened? a live report and the response
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>> shepard: we have new details tonight about bp's role in getting the lockerbie bomber released. whether the company helped out a terrorist to get an oil contract and the relationship between the united states and great britain according to a report in the "times" of london, which our parent company owns, the obama administration told scottish officials it would be better to release abdel al megrahi in scotland than return him to libya. scotland didn't take that advice. scottish leaders decided to release him last year after doctors said he had just a few months to live. he had survived eight years of a life sentence for blowing up a panam flight other lockerbie scotland in 1988. 270 people died in that attack. as it happens, the majority were americans. in a memo obtained by the "times" of london a u.s. diplomat urged scotland to keep
7:16 pm
megrahi in prison. went on to say if scotland did release the convicted terrorist the diplomat wrote the u.s. did not want him returning home to libya for a hero's welcome and, well, exactly what he got. today, white house press secretary robert gibbs said u.s. officials made their wishes clear in the days before megrahi's release. >> the preference enunciated by every level of this government was for him to continue to serve the sentence that he was serving until he died. >> shepard: yeah, didn't happen. instead, megrahi is now in libya where doctors say he could live for many more years. all of this as a group of u.s. senators calls for more information about bp's role in the release. they say they want the company's top executives to testify to congress. the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is with us. one of the main people they want to hear from really is once again bp's ceo tony hayward.
7:17 pm
>> it is believes that tony hayward as ceo of bp at the time must have been at the center of the apparent lobbying by bp to ask to have al megrahi released. as such those senators say it is essential they hear from mr. hayward personally as well as from anybody else who may have been involved in this decision. listen. >> the abundance of incredible coincidences surrounding al megrahi's release deserves a real open, transparent hearing. full information regarding the most dubious aspects of a decision to release him should be made public. >> and senator men then desalso says it makes absolutely no difference whether or not tony hayward is a lame duck ceo. he should be on capitol hill on thursday, shep. >> shepard: what about ministers from scotland or england or the united kingdom? any chance of them showing up at this thing. >> none whatsoever. the u.k. government officials
7:18 pm
have essentially thrown their hands up in the air and said we had absolutely nothing to do with us. the scotts have said that all the information is available online. in fact, the scottish first minister wrote to senator menendez explaining exactly that. access to scottish government web site you can see everything there. alex is his name. he considers that a helpful gesture. the senators may consider it a gesture of an all together different sort, shep. >> shepard: it's very difficult to figure out exactly what happened here you know what i mean? there is so many different stories coming from so many different camps. it's hard to find the facts. >> it is hard to figure it out. what is disingenuous in all of this is the u.k. government's claim that they had no control over al megrahi's release. we had reported on this program back when this story first surfaced under the devolution of power to the scottish government, the scotts control all decisions over legal issues, justice matters. but the u.k. government, in other words, the people in 10
7:19 pm
downing street retain control over all foreign policy decisions. gordon brown prime minister at the time or tony blair who was prime minister during the lead-up to this decision wanted to argue that this -- that the release of an international terrorist had nothing to do with foreign policy, i and a lot of other people would like to hear them make that case on capitol hill, shep. >> shepard: that would be a fascinating to hear. john hunt, thank you very much. the guards kept inmates locked up by day but allowed them to kill for money at night. incredible allegations coming up in just a moment. plus, the lawyer, well, the lawyer for rod blagojevich says he is willing to go to jail, jail. i need to say that word right. >> jail. >> shepard: i can't make it one sill ball. i bet our man here blago could. he can do anything. anything, except testify when he promised to. come on, blago.
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>> shepard: grab yourself a chair with the view because the sun is setting on planet blago. the prosecution and the defense today delivering closing argue of arguments in the case of the trial of rod blagojevich. attorneys did not have time to finish, so they will be wrapping things up tomorrow in theory. then the case goes to the jury. those jurors have a lot to consider, including all of those foul mouth fbi wire tapes. >>
7:24 pm
>> shepard: the defense maintains the wiretaps do not prove blago broke the law at all. but today the chief prosecutor said you don't have to be a successful criminal to be a criminal. mighty mike tobin live in chicago on planet blago with more on this. i understand there were fireworks even before our blago attorney plan began his closing arguments. what hap. >> moments before the lead counsel for rod blagojevich was prepared to give closing arguments, the judge told him he could not draw any attention to the people mentioned in court but hadn't been called in as witnesses. people like stewart lavigne and tony rezko. fundraisers who been convicted of crimes in their own right. sam adam jr. said he could not effectively represent rod blagojevich without arguing those points. the judge says you mention them, you will be held in contempt of court. he said he was prepared to go to jail. the judge sent him home for the
7:25 pm
evening to reorganize his closing arguments, shep. >> shepard: how did the prosecution wrap up its case, mike? >> you know, the most significant point it seemed that the prosecution was making was attacking the defense contention that rod blagojevich never profited a dime, therefore, he didn't do anything illegal. that's where you got that quote from u.s. attorney chris, that you don't have to be a successful criminal in order to be a criminal. they also pointed out the fact that patty blagojevich, rod's wife did profit to the tune of $12,000 a month for a job the government contents she didn't have to do any work for. shep? >> shepard: mike to be bib live on planet blago. mike, thanks. a judge in alexandria, virginia today denied a bond request for the u.s. born terrorist suspect accused of trying to join a militant group linked to al qaeda. zachery chesser is best known for creating the cartoon south park. had to do with an episode of prophet mohammed in a bear costume. >> first, you have to got to prove that mohammed is in there
7:26 pm
have him step out of the bear costume. [sighs] >> dude, we can't do that. >> shepard: you really can't. today we learned chesser twice offered to help the fbi if the fbi would let him travel to africa. the feds said no thank you. prosecutors claim this man chesser is a flight risk and that he has been working full time to wage holy war or jihad. they also say he once used his infant son as a prop to get on a plane to africa. well, even if you already seen the video, may i have to watch it again to get the full effect. if you haven't, you are in for a wild ride. a witness describes the scene seconds following this video and an update on the pilot who barely missed crashing in that fireball. that's ahead. plus, taliban leaders claim they are holding two u.s. sailors. it actually sounds as if one may be dead. and they are looking for some sort of swap for his remains. and the other? we have reason to believe a video is coming of him.
7:27 pm
dark days in the bottom of the hour, top story. that's next. a waffle iron? nooo. i could have saved this one.
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when you orbitz, you know. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the poem of the hour. time for the top of the news. the founder of wiki leaks promising to release even more secret u.s. military documents regarding the war in afghanistan. more than 90,000 all totaled. most of them have already put on web site and made public today. reportedly showing pakistan is
7:31 pm
helping the taliban fight u.s. troops in afghanistan. even as islamabad gets more than a billion dollars in year in aid from the united states. so who is this self-proclaimed whistle blower? where does he get his information? trace gallagher is live in our los angeles studios this afternoon. one thing we do know about him, is he no fan of this war and trying to do a public service by letting the people know what's really going on. >> that's that's right,, shep. he is 39 years old. computer macer. started hacking into government computers at the age of 18. is he also a journalist and kind of a shadowy figure. he reportedly has no home. lives out of a backpack and communicates solely using his laptop computer. it's usually only after major leak that's appears in public like he did today. so we may see more of him in coming days, shep, because he says he has a lot more documents where these 91,000 came from. >> they will try to pin him down anyway they can. i'm guessing legal channels will be one of them. >> or maybe not.
7:32 pm
i mean, you know, we're being told that wiki leaks accept as number of documents from anonymous sources. then reportedly those documents are all vetted and it's up to julian asage to find out or settle on which ones are actually published. the leaker is the one who has got the big criminal problems, not the publisher. which is why julian assang said they go to the ends of the tort protect their sources listen. >> promise to whistleblower that comes to us. our rolls national public service provided they meet some very simple criteria like a lawyer we will represent them fairly to the court. in our case the court of public opinion. >> if wiki leaks paid for this information or they missioned this information that would change the entire legal structure, shep. >> shepard: it would change the legal structure but it probably wouldn't change his assertion that all he is really trying to do is let people know what's
7:33 pm
really happening and this longest war in american history. >> because he maintains that if you have transparency you will have less corruption in government. but critics say that transparency offley muddy. they are saying instead of getting the whole picture, we are just getting snapshots of the war. they point to that video that wiki leaks released in april bag in baghdad showing apache helicopters shooting on group of people. they said 17 minutes failed to mention during those 17 minutes and in fact some of the men, being shot by that black hawk armed men. critics say we are getting the information. we're just lacking the context, shep. two members of the united states navy are missing tonight. the taliban claimed they captured them. one is dead and one a hostage.
7:34 pm
the u.s. military is not discussing those claims. u.s. and nato officials can confirm the two navy sailors disappeared in the eastern province of logar south of kabul. the chairman of the u.s. joint chiefs of staff admiral mike mullen told reporters the disappearance of the sailors is an unusual very little from him. i spoke with author and filmmaker author rob pelton. closely aligned with a group of afghan informants in the region. according to his sources, here is what happened. spotted by the taliban who then called the shadow government -- the governor said, yeah, bring him to me but don't kill them. staged ambush, there was a shootout. one sailor was killed. the other was wounded. he is on his way -- the wounded sailor son his way to northern helmand province where they are going to make a video in the next day or so.
7:35 pm
>> shepard: propaganda video. multi-hell reports of one dead and one hostage. we cannot confirm pelt ton's reporting. the proof will be in the video. for tonight, the search. conor powell is live early this tuesday morning in kabul afghanistan. >> shepard, the u.s. military continues to search the area about 100 to 100 or so miles just south of kabul in logar province. area where two sailors armored vehicle was last seen. military has been handing out leaflets with photos of the two missing sailors and with a reward of about 20,000 u.s. dollars for any afghan who can provide information on their whereabouts. now, these two missing sailors are also -- would be the second and third missing u.s. personnel in afghanistan. last summer private bureddle of the united states army went missing after walking off a base in afghanistan. set only other known missing person in afghanistan. there is a great deal of concern that as time goes by and these
7:36 pm
two sailors can't be found that they are in the hands of the taliban. they could end up in captivity for a very long period of time as private bo burr del has as well. >> conor powell live for us in kabul. thanks. north korea as the communist country continues its bluster. the united states and south korea holding joint military exercises right off the korean peninsula. the peck reports 20 ships, 200 aircraft and 8,000 sailors are sharpening their response to potential threats from north korean submarines. this after an international investigation determined a subfrom the north sank a south korean warship in march and killed 46 sailors. greg palkot is on the u.s.s. george washington in the middle of today's exercises. >> organization here the u.s.s. george washington air carrier continue unabated wave after wave of f-18 fighter planes going up in the skies and coming back down.
7:37 pm
as fast up and as fast down as fast as they possibly can so far at the midway point of these exercises, no hostile or unusual moves coming from north korea. the thinking is here they won't try. >> shepard: still, the north has warned the drills could lead to sacred war and has threatened to respond with a powerful nuclear deterrence. fireworks shooting to a crowd of spectators. one person recording the accident as it happened. top story on a fox trip across america. >> utah. some rogue fireworks hitting a group during a festival in salt lake city. at least 10 people hurt, including some kids a fire department spokesman says most of the injuries are minor. investigators say one round of fireworks blew up in its tube and lit three others. illinois. a fire wrecking the roof of a commercial building on chicago's south side. the place empty at the time so
7:38 pm
nobody hurt and no word yet on the cause. florida. folks in tampa seeing more pan handlers after nearby saint beatersburg banned them. the people asking for money say they need it. some residents say it's dangerous. >> do find it very distracting at an intersection where it is very busy anyway. >> some days make 20, $30. >> one pan handlers says she can make up to $300 in one day. >> new york, a new bridge floating into new york city. the 2400-ton structure cruising on two barges. it's to replace the 109-year-old willis avenue bridge. a span that connects manhattan and the bronx. it's expected to open in november. and be part of a fox watch across america. >> shepard: look at that investigators in canada reportedly now on the scene at long last of that fiery military jet crash. canadian forces aircraft went down friday during a practice
7:39 pm
run for an air show in the province of alberta. just really right across the border from montana. witnesses video shows the pilot ejected just moments before the crash. see there? tonight reports indicate he is in stable condition. can actually be out of the hospital in a day or two. still no word on what caused all of this. earlier today on "studio b." one eyewitness said he noticed the jet suddenly just dropped to one side. >> the wing dipped. all of a sudden i saw two pops which upon review of my photos is the ejection suit going through, knocking the canopy off and sending the pilot flying. >> multiple reports out thereof, the pilot was only 100 feet off the ground when he actually pulled that lever to eject. a major rule change for millions of folks who use iphones and other digital devices. what government officials now say you can legally do to your gadgets. plus, one family's joy is another's nightmare. first, a deadly car crash.
7:40 pm
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>> shepard: one family mourning the loss of a daughter. how it went for a week until somebody realized her face was so badly injured in that accident they didn't realize the other one was the one alive. the roles had been reversed. the family who was planning a funeral how had a daughter in the hospital and her friend was about to be buried. >> abby and march marlena were high school friends. in college but got back together for a trip to california. on their way home to the phoenix area, a deadly crash. two teens dead. two more seriously hurt. >> we're just thankful very tragic unfortunate situation, the normal feelings that come
7:44 pm
with that just the agony facing the tragedy. >> shepard: hospital officials told abby's family she died in the crash and they told marlena's family the girl was in critical condition. because of the injuries to abby's face it was days before anyone realized the hospital had confused the two. >> we got to let everybody know, hey, there has been a mistake. we made a mistake. abby is alive. >> shepard: and marlena was dead. both families left to make sense of the situation. >> you are ecstatic for one. i mean, it's a miracle, but, in the same, you feel angry because we have mourned all week. >> shepard: this weekend students from the girl's old high school held a car wash to raise money. originally it was supposed to go to abby's family. but the organizers say it will now go to marlena's parents and abby's relatives say they want to know how the process of identifying the girls could have gone so wrong. >> we just don't want this to ever happen to somebody else. to point finger and this and that. we just want changes to be made
7:45 pm
so families don't have to go through. this. >> shepard: abby and her family are still going through some very rough times obviously. doctors in phoenix say her injuries are so severe they still don't know if she will survive the whole thing. as for the mixup about their identities, hospital officials held a news conference an hour ago. they said the chaos of the accident scene and injuries to both girls contributed to all the confusion. prosecutors in mexico are now accusing the director and guards at a prison of allowing inmates to commit murders outside the prison walls. so far mexico's attorney general's office has not filed charges against the prison officials. but a spokesman says they all worked at a facility in the north central part of the country. besides letting the inmates out of the prison, the prosecutors say the guards lent them guns and cars for drug-related killings. investigators say the inmates went to a nearby city and carried out at least three mass shootings that killed dozens of people. the prosecutors say of after the murders, the inmates would
7:46 pm
return to that prison. blackberries, the phones are a potential threat to national security. that declaration today from officials in the united arab emirates. they say the devices operate beyond the national laws and are open to misuse. the move raises concerns of a new attempt by the persian gulf nation to control the flow of information. authorities their censor web sites and other media that they feel might harm security or local values. the united states government, on the other hand, today made it legal to jail break iphones and other smart phones. jail breaking allows smart phone users to run third party apps that have been un -- really haven't been approved by apple or other manufacturers by unlocking the operating system on their phones. that's not to say they will stay unlocked. the software update from the company and your back to square one. the commerce department reporting a rebound in new home sales after they hit their lowest level on record this spring. the feds say they rose more than 23% in the month of june alone. a much bigger increase than
7:47 pm
analysts had expected. judgment day for a man who admitted to overseeing the deaths of up to 16,000 people. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. cambodia. [sobbing] >> shepard: you united nations ordering chief jailer to 3 a years in prison. communist regime which killed nearly a quarter of the country's population a decade ago. victims and families are upset with the verdict. the former jailer could walk free in about 19 years because of time already served. iraq. an attack at the office of a popular arabic television news station killing six people. a bomber blowing up a minibus in front of the place in baghdad. police say the blast also buried alive a lawmaker after his home collapsed. china. flooding in landslides over the weekend kill at least four people in the southwest. the landslides dropping bolders
7:48 pm
and earth right on to a highway crush ago car. the man driving that car made it out alive. australia. a sailboat mostly made of thousands of recycled bottles sailing into sydney harbor. they started out in san francisco. the head of the cruise says it is a tough trip. >> it's been four months of open oceans to get here and four years of sort of this dream. this crazy dream that has now become alive. >> shepard: the journey meant to raise awareness of the payrolls of plastic -- perils of plastic waste in the ocean. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. boy scouts loyalty and preparation for 100 years now, so they are planning a huge celebration for the century mark. get your tents ready and break out the swiss army knives. we are going to the boy scout jam borery next. and the blue collar community paying huge salaries to city
7:49 pm
officials. now that the word out, legal troubles could be coming their way. small town where the administrator makes more than the president of the united states.
7:50 pm
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7:52 pm
>> shepard: boy scouts of america celebrating its 100-year anniversary this week. tens of thousands of scouts marking the centennial with a jamboree at for the a.p. hill outside of fred's distributionburg, virginia. the scouts have held jamboree for three decades first began at the foot of the washington monument. steve centanni in washington, d.c. tonight. >> scouting enters its second century, it is making a few changes. its reaching out more to latinos, using newer technology and advocate for children's
7:53 pm
health. bought a new 10,000-acre of land for permanent home for the jam borely. it jam boreee. it will be there three years from now. they were setting up camp for the last time. massive undertaking. 45,000 boys and scout leaders invading an army base in virginia for the 17th boy scout jam boreee. in nearly 90-degree heat moved gear, set up tents and got ready for the 10-day gathering. the jamboree is a boy scout tradition that began in 1937. things have changed quite a bit since then but the basics remain the same. >> premise of scouting is to teach leadership and good citizenship in the con text of wholesome outdoor activities. that's still the basis of scouting is great outdoor activity. >> here the boys can hone camping skills and learn about any of the 125 merit badges they can earn as boy scouts. marsha whitly is one of the few who has them all.
7:54 pm
>> for the 100 years of scouting i want to earn all 100 of them. at the time i thought that would be cool. now since it's the world jam boreee i jamboree i thought i might go for all of them. >> he has a ways to go. three new merit badges inventing robotics and geo cashing which involves the use of g.p.s. back to you. >> shepard: steve centanni d.c. thanks. the mayor and city council in bell california are taking a major pay cut over outrage of the county officials in that suburb. the city manager, police chief and assistant city manager all resigned last week after voters found out they were making a combined 1.6 million taxpayer dollars a year. earlier today, the state attorney general demanded to see the city's employment contracts but just minutes ago, the mayor declared he will stop taking a salary all together while the city city council has announced plans to drastically reduce pay. well, the bare foot bandit.
7:55 pm
police told us their side of the story. we haven't heard from the bare footed one. up next, what his lawyer says about all of that but, first, from america's election headquarters, count down to the midterm elections. only 99 days. are you telling me we're going to have to count down this thing for 99 days? good grief! i'm checking out. 99 days. if you live it, love it go to the web page and click it [ animals calling ] ♪ [ pop ]
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with calcium and vitamin d alone. he recommends citracal plus bone density builder... the only calcium supplement with genistein found in nature in soy and proven to significantly build bone density. citracal. >> shepard: bare foot bandit is the suspect in the bahamas. only 19. has a heck of a story to tell. according to the accused bandit's attorney coal ton harris moore will not be selling his story to anybody. john henry brown says this client feels if he told the story it would no longer be his story. and that, quote, almost like if you look in a moyer roar, your
7:59 pm
soul is stolen. updating some of fox top stories tonight as the pentagon reviews some 90,000 leaked war documents the government in the pakistan today says that information pakistan intelligence agencies have been helping the taliban. outdated and incomplete. and the american bob dudley is now reportedly considered the odds on favorite to take over tony hayward's job as the ceo of bp. and on this day in 1931, a swarm of grasshoppers descended on the midwest and destroyed millions of acres of cropland. locusts and glass hoppers are caused problems since the dawn of agriculture. this particular incident came as the nation was suffering from the great depression. the midwest was in the mist of a devastating drought. the swarm so large it reportedly blocked the sun, cornstalks in iowa, nebraska, north dakota destroyed. entire fields stripped bare. grass hoppers attacked in the
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